The Experience


Builted on one hand through multiple ancestral trees and on the other in a fir forest, the rental farmhouses are a real opportunity for intimate, magical and unforgettable experiences. The chalets are created to fit with the historic rural context of the Eastern Townships and the captivating landscapes.

Offering a biophilic design and based on the well-being of guests, the chalets offers a fusion of visual boundaries between interior and exterior. It is even possible to see many animals directly from your chalet, such as some deers, owls, foxes or even wild turkeys.

The accommodation is located directly on the Estriade cycle path. You will easily access the shops, restaurants and attractions by bicycle as most of the attractions are within 3 km.

The locative barns are geolocated not only to visit Eastern Townships, but also to experience it. SÔ LODGES brings together couples, teams, colleagues, friends or families under one roof for a memorable immersive getaway, without compromising on proximity of attractions or the quality of the offer. What better way to unwind after the day than an intimate feast prepared in a spacious chalet or even rest in a Jacuzzi hydrotherapeutic hot tub to the sound of a friendly campfire accompanied by a wine from our welcoming region.


The lodges are in keeping with the rural historical context of the Eastern Townships and its bewitching landscapes.
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A memorable immersive getaway in the Eastern Townships



Around a hundred years ago, a man changed the tourist landscape of his region by bringing magical moments to people. He created one of the first entertainment venues where many artists performed and he fueled  his life with the happiness of others. This creator of joy was Edouard, the great-grandfather of Neil, co-founder of SÔ LODGES.


Then came Charles-Eugene and Angeline (Neil’s grandparents) who founded the largest hotel complex in their region in 1962, with dedication to their customers as their mission. They were beyond their time and passionate about travel, traveling the globe from Russia to Colombia, long before the internet era to help them to find an accommodation or even to geolocalise themself.


Being nurtured in his childhood with fabulous stories, the idea of ​​wanting  to create a chalets complex was in a way a genetic predisposition for the president of SÔ LODGES. It was, however, only after visiting around 50 countries that he and his wife, both born from entrepreneurial parents, were ready to settle down for good and decided to build their own land of welcome for tourists. SÔ LODGES project then came to life offering now a place for the creation of the most beautiful memories in Eastern Townships.


By creating this rental complex, the company wishes to highlight history and traditions by offering a tribute to its heritage.